Latest News

Hi everyone. I just wanted to pop a quick post on here as I realise I’ve been rather quiet. However, it’s been for a good reason – because I’ve been so busy!

As well as doing little bits and pieces here and there for clients, I’ve also been working on big PR campaigns for two erotic writers. They’re both promoting new and upcoming releases, as well as themselves in general, so I’ve been busy juggling various appearances and interviews, and keeping their promotional calendars organised. If this is something you’re interested in having me do for you, please contact me to discuss.

I also have a couple of websites in different stages of completion. Again, if you’re looking for a professional, easy to use and update website that doesn’t cost the earth, please give me a shout.

A Good Week for Web Launches!

This week I’ve launched not one, but two websites!

One is for celebrity biographer, Nigel Goodall, who’s currently celebrating his 20th year as a published author – congratulations to Nigel! He wanted his site launched in honour of this milestone and based on his testimonial, he’s as happy with the result of this project as I am! Check out Nigel’s site at

The second website belongs to erotic author, Justine Elyot. Her new site showcases the fabulous books and stories she’s produced for publishers including (now sadly defunct) Black Lace, Cleis Press, Noble Romance, Total-E-Bound and Xcite Books. It also incorporates her blog, meaning everything “Justine” is now in one place. Check out the new site at

I’m also starting work on another couple of websites soon, so dependent on timescales, there may be more appearing in my Portfolio early next month.

Web Launch For Lexie Bay

I just wanted to add a quick update on my latest completed project. is now live!

I’ve been working closely with Lexie over the past few weeks or so to get this website up and running. It’s a combined website and blog, meaning people can visit the site to find about more about Lexie’s work and also engage with her through blog posts and social media.

Also, if you’re so inclined, there are lots of free reads and poems on there for you to enjoy! Click here to visit the site.

In other news, I’m also working on a couple of other websites, one of which should hopefully be launching next week, so watch this space!

A New Venture

Hi everyone and thank you for visiting the site. I guess you’re visiting the blog section because you want to know more about me and the business I’m embarking on.

Although the business itself is a new venture, the work I’ll be doing within it certainly isn’t new to me. I’ve been running my own website for the best part of six years and it’s undergone several changes in that time. The reason for this being that I like to keep on top of technology and the changing world and have kept my website updated to reflect that. I enjoy web design and am quite the perfectionist, so if you’re looking for a new website then you’re in safe hands. Together we can create something that you’re happy with and markets you effectively.

As for the PR & Marketing side of things, I’ve been doing that since 2006 when I graduated from University and went into full-time work. My degree is in Creative Writing which, granted, doesn’t have a lot to do with Marketing, but everything I know I’ve learnt by doing it in my job, rather than reading about it in a book. I think that means something. I genuinely enjoy PR & Marketing and the reason I decided to move into doing it for myself is because, as a writer myself, I’ve seen the struggle some authors have with promoting themselves and their work.

I’m lucky because it comes naturally to me. I can write and promote, so I thought it would be a great idea to start up a business where I’d be promoting other writers. As someone who has experience of writing, publishing, PR & Marketing I have a broad knowledge of the market and how to get writers and their work in front of the people they need to be in front of – their readers.

So, I hope you’ll continue clicking around the site to see what I can do for you and also check out my Portfolio. Please don’t be put off if you’re not a writer – I’m happy to talk to people who aren’t and discuss working on projects, whether it be web design, social media, copywriting, PR etc… the list goes on. Just hit the Contact page and drop me a line.

I look forward to hearing from you.