I thought the task of redesigning my website would be long and complicated, but Ms. Felthouse made the entire process easy to understand and even easier to finish. Ms. Felthouse’s attention to achieving the look and feel I wanted on the site was exemplary. If you’re looking for someone who is easy to work with, easy to understand and who will get the job done right the first time, you won’t be disappointed with Ms. Felthouse’s work.

D.W. Marchwell

I’d heard positive reports about Lucy’s website building skills and, now I’ve seen them at first hand, I can confirm their accuracy. Lucy has designed a website that’s ideal for my purposes, and she did it with her customary enthusiasm and attention to detail. Communication with her was at all times professional, cordial and clear. I would highly recommend working with Writer Marketing and would be more than happy to use Lucy’s services again.

Justine Elyot

When Lucy offered to redesign and reconstruct my website, I jumped at the change, having seen what she had wonderfully created for other authors. My site would have probably been a nightmare to most web designers as I now seem to have collected a great deal of material to showcase from my 20 years in publishing, but Lucy created exactly what I wanted to have as an online archive of my work. What I really liked about working with Lucy was her ability to please. After constructing the first category, and my approval of it, she then based the rest of the site’s design on the feedback I gave her, and by doing so, she came up with a look for the site that I would never have thought of myself – and more importantly one that was fabulously uniformed to make its navigation simple, effective and very impressive. The result was beyond my wildest dreams! I also adored the way Lucy worked on developing the site, explaining things as she went along, tweaking this and that, to make it as perfect as she could, all done promptly, accurately and very much to my liking, with the minimum of fuss! And on top of that, Lucy is a real dream to work with. Nothing seems to ruffle her feathers! She is a champ!

Lucy Felthouse has built a website that meets my needs as a writer. Unlike my old blog, the website Lucy designed gives me flexibility along with lots of room to grow and be creative. In addition, Lucy’s knowledge of marketing and PR ensured that my website would be the perfect tool an aspiring author could use to grow her career.