I first met Lucy Felthouse at one of the RNA chapter meetings in Leicester. We met again recently at the same venue and got talking. By the end of the meeting I felt in awe of Lucy and the work that she does. Not only is she a clever writer who writes books that sell, she also runs her own business, Writer Marketing Services.
At the time, I was looking for someone I could work with to update my very basic website and Lucy offered to help. First, she asked me to look at some of the websites she had recently created to see if any of them appealed.

I was impressed and got back to Lucy straight away. She dealt with my enquiry in a friendly professional way, and made the whole progress appear easy by explaining anything I wasn’t sure about. She took me through everything step by step and made sure I was happy with each stage before continuing. Her patience was appreciated and I learned so much from Lucy during this time.

Thanks to Lucy, I ended up with a professional, workable, and easy to navigate, website that is unique to me, and I love it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lucy, and I intend to use her again when the need arises.

Cathy Mansell

It was through posts between two authors on a writer’s loop that I learned of Lucy Felthouse’s Writer Marketing Services. Having little technical know-how I was in desperate need of help to get my list of published books onto Goodreads lists. I emailed Lucy and told her what I needed. She said ‘fine’, we agreed a fee, she requested cover images which I sent, then I left her to work her magic.

She completed a demanding job in a remarkably short time, and did it brilliantly. With four more titles due out between January and May 2014 I will be calling on Lucy’s expert skills again. If you need help to market your books, she’s your woman. I’m delighted to recommend her.

Jane Jackson

I contacted Lucy to enquire whether she undertook editing as I had just written my first story which was for an independently-produced project, having always written for traditional publishers up until then. I was thrilled when she told me that, not only did she edit stories for authors, but she was also free at the time to take a look at mine. (I know just how much Lucy crams into her day so wasn’t sure she’d be able to fit me in).

Not only was Lucy a fantastic editor, she also seemed to ‘get’ me, and so was a great help when we needed to discuss certain points. Her sound knowledge of English and grammar were extremely useful and I was pleased that, instead of simply correcting my work, she took the time and trouble to explain why the word/grammar/phrase/capital letter, etc was questionable, thus reminding me of long-since-forgotten ‘rules’ of English and writing which I duly noted for future reference.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Lucy and am confident that my story, ‘Menage and Mascara’ is now the best it can be. I will certainly be using Lucy’s writing services again in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Bella Settarra

I was familiar with the work of Writer Marketing Services because Lucy built my author web site. So when a friend of mine, a professional dominatrix – Mistress Nemesis of Leeds, was telling me about developing a new web site I had no hesitation in recommending Lucy. I also knew she would be happy working with the BDSM content of the site and that her experience of author marketing would bring an understanding of how web sites can be developed to assist self-promotion to the project.

Because I had some knowledge of how web sites work and experience of developing my own, I offered to act as an intermediary, translating Mistress Nemesis’s desires for the site to Lucy.

Mistress Nemesis wanted a feel to the site that captured her uniquely creative style of domination and would make her stand out as being different from other pro-dommes. This was also a more complex project than my author site because it involved picture galleries, film clips, art work and writing.

The theme for the site was set with the idea of a book, ‘The Nemesis Chronicles’. This concept helped Lucy and I select the WordPress theme that was chosen. It would start with a home page with the usual disclaimers, run into a short film clip of a gloved hand opening a book and drop into a welcome page with a spectacular photograph of Mistress Nemesis. The client was very specific on wanting to use this film clip to establish her distinctive style when people entered the site. The background to the site was the purple and black binding of the book used in the clip, which would create an overall feel tied to the film clip. Lucy executed this whole link perfectly on my lap-top but when it became clear it was not working on all web browsers I agreed to a compromise Lucy proposed that would ensure everybody would be able to see the ‘Welcome’ page whatever their web browser settings, which Mistress Nemesis was happy with.

Lucy is great to work with on these projects. She always keeps you informed on how things are coming along, will explain any problems she faces and propose solutions to them. She has endless patience in responding to streams of e-mails. And there were lots of these because my role was acting as a go-between and especially with developing the photo and film galleries as the web browsers of Lucy, Mistress Nemesis and I all behaved in slightly different ways!

Lucy was also very flexible at the outset of the project. When the original estimate for the work was over budget she agreed to doing the design for the site and creating a template for every page, leaving me the time consuming and mechanical job of uploading all the pictures into the galleries. This brought the whole project within budget and made it viable. This is why (on its launch) you’ll find only one complete gallery page on the site – that’s not down to Lucy – filling the others is going to be my job over the next few weeks!

Mistress Nemesis is delighted with her new web site. She loves the overall look of the design and feels that it captures her distinctive style of domination, which is what she wanted to achieve. Do go in and take a look at what Lucy has done. But be warned, there is some fantastic content of the most stunning and imaginative dungeon mistress out there (even making allowances for my bias!), as it does feature some pretty extreme BDSM!