Case Study: Casey Sheridan

When Casey first contacted me, she was looking to promote her erotica release, Ruby Red Metallic. Casey had a budget in mind and after discussing a few options, we decided on the best way to use that budget for maximum exposure.

As soon as the way forward was agreed between the two of us, I started work on setting up guest blog posts and interviews on relevant sites, as well as offering review copies to my list of contacts. Casey had already indicated that she would not be able to do any social media promotion during weekends, so I made sure wherever possible that her blog appearances were during the week. I also promoted her ‘stops’ on my own social media networks.

Working within Casey’s budget was no problem. A first wave of posts still left time for more promotion, so I kept Casey informed and we worked on more appearances. When Casey’s budget was almost exhausted we ensured that everything was wrapped up and the result was a successful campaign. The key was communication and Casey has already indicated that she was very satisfied and would use my services for future releases.