Release Blitz

Have you got a new release out but haven’t got time to write guest blog posts and/or answer interview questions? Perhaps you just want to reach the largest possible audience. Then a release blitz is for you.

  • What is a release blitz?

A release blitz is where an invite is sent out to all relevant hosts for the genre of your book asking them to post promotional information about your new release.

  • What information is posted?

The book cover, blurb, excerpt (optionally), buy links and author bio. I can also ask the hosts if they’d like to review your book, too.

  • How many sites will post my information?

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing how many of my hosts will post your information. It’s totally up to each and every host whether they want to be involved in each release blitz. However, the further in advance that your release blitz is planned and invites go out, the more chance you have of hosts featuring it.

  • What happens next?

Once the blitz is finished (the time scale is totally up to you, though most people go for a month, to get the most exposure), I’ll send you all the links that I’ve received over the course of the blitz.

  • How much does it cost?

A release blitz costs just £26 GBP (approx $35 in USD, depending on PayPal’s exchange rate at time of purchase). If you would also like to offer your book for review, add on another £6 (approx $8 USD).

  • Sounds great! How do I book?

Drop me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Want to host release blitzes? Visit this page.